AmerisourceBergen Design System

As part of my work with the Ogilvy User Experience Design team, I was tasked with creating the UX and UI for an entirely new design system for AmerisourceBergen, a Fortune 12 pharmaceutical wholesale company. Over a period of 3 years, this ongoing initiative will bring each of AmerisourceBergen’s 30+ child companies’ (or Business Units’) websites onto a shared Content Management System (CMS) with a fully-responsive, consistent user experience and visual style.

ROLE Lead UX/UI Designer


designed to unify

Our consistent page templates tie each of the 30+ sites across AmerisourceBergen’s portfolio together by using the same visual and interactive language. The templates and components empower marketers to create the most consistent user experience for AmerisourceBergen customers while simultaneously allowing them to customize their websites to their individual user and business needs.


visual styles

The AmerisourceBergen Design System includes digital styles that act as the smallest, most fundamental building blocks and inform all of the content modules and components.


Type styles

Typography is another key component of the AmerisourceBergen Design System. Consistent font styles and usage are a large, unifying feature across each site.

designed to be customized

Comprised of 40+ individual templates and components (with countless variations and opportunities for customization), the AmerisourceBergen Design System leverages atomic design principles to unify both visual design and user interaction patterns. The modules were each designed to accommodate essential content types, and were developed and added to the Sitecore CMS platform in such a way that allows marketing leaders – most of whom have no design background – to build their own websites quickly and efficiently.


Client: AmerisourceBergen

Agency: Ogilvy

Program Manager: Chris Arcari

Principle Experience Designer and Content Strategist: Melissa Sepe

UX Design Support: Sherry Zhang

Visual Design Support: Emily Gebel

Copywriters: Kendal Sparks, Jess Miller